A. No, all Furry Republic treats are air-dried.


Q. are air-dried treats raw?

A. Our treats are not raw.  In order to be considered raw, a product’s internal temperatures cannot exceed 118 degrees Fahrenheit.  Our products are air-dried at a temperature above this threshold, but below temperatures that would be considered cooking or baking.


Q. How many calories are in each treat?

A. All kcal/treat are listed on the back of each bag. Our treats are intended to be fed as a treat, not as a primary diet for your pet.  If your pet is on a calorie specific diet please consult with your veterinarian and feed accordingly.

Q. Once opened, how do I store my bag of furry republic Treats?

A. Make sure to store the bag in a cool, dark place, out of extreme heat or direct sunlight. The bag should never be placed in the refrigerator. Due to the natural nature of these treats, it will cause condensation and mold. We stand behind our treats and guarantee your satisfaction through the best by date (BBD) printed on the back of each bag.

Q. Are furry republic Treats quality-assurance tested?

A. Rest assured, we have a full quality assurance laboratory where staff scientists and technicians test our treats daily and randomly to make sure that they meet our strict quality standards. This means every bag of Furry Republic treats meets our high levels of quality—and always tastes great.

Q. What do I do if i have a problem with my treats?

A. We have a satisfaction guarantee on our treats. If there are any issues with your bag, please take a photo of the front and back of the bag and e-mail them over to hello@thefurryrepublic.com. Please include a couple sentences to describe your issue in the body of the e-mail. Our Customer Service Specialist will get back to you within 1 business day.